Water Quality

Water Quality
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The company abstracts and treats water from four water sources with the capacities as shown below:


Max. capacity m3/day

Treatment Plants

Current Capacity M3/day

Areas Served

Ellegrini River Intake


Kapsoya T. Plant


Eldoret Municipality and its Environs

Two Rivers Dam


Sosiani T. Plant


Eldoret Municipality and its Environs

Moiben Dam


Chebara T. Plant


Eldoret Municipality and its Environs including communities along the Chebara pipeline

Ellegrini Dam


Currently serves as a reserve for Sosiani T Plant



Kesses Dam


Kesses Treatment Plant


Kesses and  Lessos

Water Treatment Processes

Raw water abstracted from the sources is treated at the water treatment plants to remove sediments, bacteria, and other impurities through conventional water treatment processes – Aeration, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection.

After the final treatment, the water leaves the treatment works and is stored in contact tanks before being released to the distribution network.


Schematic Diagram of the Treatment Work Process


Water Distribution

The clean water is then released through our network of pipe linescomprising of various sizes of pipeline ranging from 600mm diameter steel pipes to 12mm diameter uPvc pipelines that deliver water to our customers.


Quality Assurance

To ensure that the quality of water supplied to the consumers meet the required standards, the company has a quality assurance section whose mandate is to collect and analyze samples from designated points within the distribution network. The results of the analysis are compared with the KEBS and WHO standards for compliance.