Green Earth Ambassadors

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Green Earth Ambassadors led by Hillary Kipkorir, on the 14th of June 2022 organised a tree planting ceremony at the Kapkobol Water Catchment area.

Kapkobol is located in Moiben sub-county. The catchment area is a source of water for families and surrounding schools such as Sessia Vocational and Sessia primary.

The event was led by Moiben OCS. In attendance was Kenya forest service deputy head of conservancy Raymond Sambulia and the Northrift Water Works chair Mr Chemweno.

Ms. Sheila Arusei the Customer service and marketing manager represented Eldowas n donating 200 seedlings.

Conserving the environment is key to ensuring that water supply is available and enough for everyone and we at Eldowas are at the forefront of supporting conservation.


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