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about us

Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company Limited (ELDOWAS) is a corporate entity established under Cap 486 of the laws of Kenya. The County Government of Uasin Gishu is principal shareholder. The Board of Directors of ELDOWAS comprises 10 Directors who represent the interest of various stakeholders.

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Water Supply

The company abstracts and treats water from four water sources

Sewarage Services

ELDOWAS strives to provide reliable and efficient services of collecting, treating and disposing wastewater, and ensuring that all issues related to the sewerage system are dealt with promptly.

Quality Assurance

To ensure that the quality of water supplied to the consumers meet the required standards, the company has a quality assurance section whose mandate is to collect and analyze samples from designated points within the water distribution networks. The results of the analysis are compared with the KEBS and WHO standards for compliance...

Water Bowser Service

ELDOWAS operates two water bowsers used for supplying clean water to customers within Eldoret and its environs upon request and payment of the requisite service charge.....

Mission, Vision and Mandate


To be world class water service provider

Mission :

ELDOWAS is committed to providing quality and adequate water service in a cost effective manner to its stakeholders by a qualified and motivated human resource.

Eldowas Mandate

LVNWSB has engaged ELDOWAS to be a water service provider in Eldoret and its environs through service provision agreement (SPA) as required by the water act 2002. ELDOWAS is therefore required to provide water services efficiently and economically in Eldoret and its environs in compliance with SPA.

facts about us

ELDOWAS provides quality water and safe wastewater disposal service that continually meets the dynamic customer expectations.

Area of Coverage in (KM SQUARE)

Approximate Population Serving (Thousands)

Water Quality (Percentage)

Number of Water Treatment plant

Important Information

To Check Your Bill

Send ELDOWAS space Account Number to 22384
E.g ELDOWAS 30xxxxx to 22384
SMS charges is Kshs. 5.00 above normal charge

2. E-Bill
Go to Online Ebill
Login using Account number with -001 e.g 30xxxxx-001 as Username and
mobile number registered to your account as password 

Mpesa Payment

Enter the business number of ELDOWAS; 511000.
Enter your water account number e.g 30XXXXX.

Launch Complain

Go to Maji Voice

Check status of the complain by sending Ticket number to 15444

E.g. BL1401316WE to 15444


Pay Points

Mpesa Paybill 511000

Postbank :0744130011801

Airtel money Pay Bill: ELDOWAS

Standard Chartered Bank: 0152017704300

Equity Bank: 0300294625495