New Tariff for 2019/20 To 2023/24

  • Posted on: August 7, 2020




THE WATER ACT (No. 43 of 2016)


Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company (ELDOWAS) applied to the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) for a review of tariffs for water services, for the period 2019/20 to 2023/24 as per section 72 (1) (b) of the Water Act, 2016.

Public consultation on the ELDOWAS application was carried out in accordance to the requirements of section 139 of the Water Act, 2016.

After considering the application, the written and oral submissions by all stakeholders during the consultation period, and based on latest available data, WASREB has determined an upward tariff review for ELDOWAS is justified in order to improve service delivery, operate sustainably and protect consumer interests by meeting the tariff conditions attached to the tariff.

WASREB gives a one (1) month’s notice to all existing and potential customers of ELDOWAS that the approved tariffs for the five financial years, 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24 shall be as follows:

1.0 Approved Tariff

1.1 Water Tariff Structure for the period 2019/2020 to 2023/2024

Customer Category Approved
DomesticConsumption Block in m³Tariff (KSh)
Multi-dwelling units/gated communities45
Public schools, universities and colleges
601 – 1200.35
Water kiosk (per m3)35


1.2 Sewerage Tariff

Sewer tariff have been suspended by Gazette Notice No. 4650 dated 10th July 2020, As shown below


1.3 Miscellaneous Charges

  • Meter Rent per
Meter SizeCharge (KSh.)
½ inches50
¾ inches100
1 inch250
1 ½ inches250
2 inches250
3 inches450
4 inches800
6 inches1,250
8 and above2,000


  • Water Deposit
Consumer CategoryCharge (KSh.)
Retail shops less than 10m33,000
Retail shops more than 10m33,500
Bar, restaurants less than 15 m34,000
Bar, restaurants more than 15 m36,000
Hotel class “A” and “B” less than 150 m312,000
Hotel class “A” and “B” more than 150 m315,000
Hotel class “C” and ‘D’ less than 150 m318,000
Hotel class “C” and ‘D’ more than 150 m320,000
Hospitals more than 150 m320,000
Health centres less than 150 m312,000
Schools and other institutions more than 200 m320,000
Schools less than 200 m310,000
Minor construction sites more than 200 m315,000
Major construction sites more than 300 m350,000
Light industries less than 200 m330,000
Medium industrial between 200 m3 and 300 m350,000
Heavy industries more than 300 m3100,000
Water kiosks5,000


  • Other Charges
ServiceCharges (KSh.)
New water connection fee – Connection size: ½ inch to 1 inch2,500
New water connection fee – Connection size: 1.5 inches to 3 inches7,500
New water connection fee – Connection size above 3inches15,000
Water reconnection fee – at meter point1,000
Water reconnection fee – at mains5,000 and double deposit
Tanker –78000, 18,000 litres2,500 and 6,000 respectively per tanker within ELDOWAS area for all consumers
Sale of water per m3 at bowsing point (own tanker)75
Replacement of stolen or damaged meters100% of the market cost of the meter
Meter testing on request500
Sewer connection, residential/domestic5,000
Sewer connection, commercial, government, schools, universities and colleges7,500
Sewer connection, Industrial15,000
Private sewer unblocking2,500
Leak detection services1,000
Sewer reconnection fee15,000
Statement of account fees200
For cutting off the supply at the request of the consumer200
For turning on the supply otherwise than in respect of a first connection200
Exhauster services (company exhauster)5,000 for other customers and 4,000 for informal settlements
Private exhausters (dumping into the company’s sewer system)15,000 per truck per month
Sale of sludge300 per tonne


  • Penalties
Penalty Charge (KSh)
Illegal water connection, (fraud), commercial, industry, construction100,000 plus estimated consumption during the period of the illegality
Illegal water connection, (fraud) – Domestic30,000 plus estimated consumption during the period of the illegality
Overcharging (fraud) at water kiosk30,000
Illegal sewer connection (fraud), commercial, industry, construction100,000
Illegal sewer connection (fraud), domestic, government, schools, universities and colleges30,000
Self-reconnection after cut off for non-payment30,000 and billing to be backdated from date of cut off
Surcharge for tampering with meters (this to include meter removal, reversing of meter etc)30,000
Unauthorized sale of water15,000
Surcharge for direct suction of water from the supply line using a pump30,000


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