• Posted on: April 9, 2021


Tender Notice for the FY 2021/2022

1.ELDOWAS/T/01/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Aluminum Sulphate.Open
2ELDOWAS/T/02/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Calcium hypochlorite.Open
3ELDOWAS/T/03/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Polyamines.Open
4ELDOWAS/T/04/2021-2022Supply and delivery of General Office stationery.Open
5ELDOWAS/T/05/2021-2022Supply and Delivery of Lab Equipment and chemical Reagents.Open
6ELDOWAS/T/06/2021-2022Supply and Delivery of Domestic Cold Water meters.Open
7ELDOWAS/T/07/2021-2022Supply and Delivery of Pipes and Fittings.Open
8ELDOWAS/T/08/2021-2022Supply and Delivery of Backhoe LoaderOpen
9ELDOWAS/T/09/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Desludging pumpOpen
10ELDOWAS/T/10/2020-2022Supply and delivery of portable sewer cleaning unite (SEWER – RAT)Open
11ELDOWAS/T/11/2021-2022Supply and Delivery of Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs).Open
12ELDOWAS/T/12/2021-2022Supply, Installation and commissioning of centrifugal pumps at Kesses T. worksOpen
13ELDOWAS/T/13/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Non-Return ValvesOpen
14ELDOWAS/T/14/2021-2022Supply and delivery of HDPE pipes and Fittings.Open
1ELDOWAS/T/15/2021-2022Provision of Medical insurance services (Medical Underwriters Only).Open
2ELDOWAS/T/16/2021-2022Provision of General services (Underwriters only)Open
3ELDOWAS/T/17/2021-2022Provision of Motor vehicle insurances. (Underwriters only).Open
4ELDOWAS/T/18/2021-2021Provision of Courier Services.Open
5ELDOWAS/T/19/2021-2022Provision of Cleaning Services.Y, W&PWD
1ELDOWAS/P/20/2021-2022Provision of Motor vehicle Maintenance.Open
2ELDOWAS/P/21/2021-2022Supply and delivery of computer and printers.Y, W&PWD
3ELDOWAS/P/22/2021-2022Servicing of photocopiers, computers and printersY, W&PWD
4ELDOWAS/P/23/2021-2022Supply and Delivery of office furniture and cabinets.Y, W&PWD
5ELDOWAS/P/24/2021-2022Provision of welding and fabrication works.Open
6ELDOWAS/P/25/2021-2022Provision of air ticketing services.Open
7ELDOWAS/P/26/2021-2022Supply and delivery of tyres and tubes.Open
8ELDOWAS/P/27/2021-2022Provision of Legal services.Open
9ELDOWAS/P/28/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Electrical itemsOpen
10ELDOWAS/P/29/2021-2022Supply and delivery of Sand and BallastOpen


1ELDOWAS/RFP/1/2020-2021Request for Proposal for creation of District Metered Areas (DMAs) through bulk smart metering solution.


Y = Youth

W = Women

PWD = Persons with Disabilities.

Interested eligible bidders should note that only those who meet the criteria indicated below and have minimum relevant supportive documents at submission will be considered for technical evaluation.

  1. A Bid Bond of 2% in form of Bank Guarantee from a reputable Bank or insurance companies approved by Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA).
  2. A valid Tax Compliance
  3. Bidders must paginate all their documents and initial each
  4. Mandatory Site visit requirement on 16th April, 2021 for those who apply for Provision of Cleaning
  5. Samples MUST be provided for Aluminum Sulphate Chlorine and Water Meters for

Participating firms are advised to download tender documents free of charge from the company website: www.eldowas.or.ke/tenders

 All other terms and conditions remain as per the tender document.

Completed Bid Documents enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with Reference Number and Name send to Company’s Head Office without identifying the sender or be deposited in the Tender Box at Procurement Department not later than 27th April, 2021 at 12.00pm. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter at the Company Boardroom in the presence of bidders or their representatives who wish to attend.


The Tender Opening Process will be done in compliance with the prevailingCOVID19 Prevention Guidelines & Protocols.

Tenders should be addressed to:



PO BOX 8418 30100ELDORET


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