About Eldowas

About Eldowas
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About Eldowas

Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company Limited (ELDOWAS) is a corporate entity established under Cap 486 of the laws of Kenya. The County Government of Uasin Gishu is principal shareholder. The Board of Directors of ELDOWAS comprises 9 Directors who represent the interest of various stakeholders.

They include:

  1. Three from the County Government of Uasin Gishu represented by the Chief officers (Chief officer in charge of Finance, Chief officer in charge of Roads , Chief officer in charge of Water and Environment.
  2. One member from Local professions.
  3. Three members from Business and Manufacturing.
  4. Two members from Resident organisations
  5. The Managing Director.

ELDOWAS was the first water service provider in Kenya to attain certification in international Quality Management Standards ISO 9001:2008. In order to achieve its goals and objectives the company recognizes the need to effectively serve the customers and has developed a Customer Service Charter. The Company has continuously embarked on the application of the Customer Service Charter and services expected of us by our customers. The standards provided are a measure of our performance as we interact with our esteemed customers. We ensure that the Customer Care Desk is operational and within reach of customers. Similarly, feedback from customers will be in focus to continual improvement of service.

ELDOWAS Management is organized in four departments. The Technical Department is responsible for water sources development, water abstraction, treatment and distribution. The Commercial Department is responsible for billing, revenue collection, and customer relations management. Finance Department is responsible for financial management and the Administration Department deals with staff matters and the smooth running of the company.

The company is managed by a Corporate Management Team (CMT) comprising of the Managing Director, Head of Technical Services, Head of Financial Services and Head of Commercial Services.