In order to ensure adequate water supply to all customers, it has become necessary to supply water on the days and times shown below. This program will however be reviewed as and when the situation changes.

Kahoya Sunday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Monday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Thursday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Town Centre (CBD) Every Night 5pm — 9am
Huruma, Shauri, Rural Housing Monday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Thursday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Sunday (Night) 5pm — 9am
King’ongo and Maranatha Wednesday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Saturday (Day) 9am—5pm
Maili Nne, Baharini, Kapsaos, Chemalal Tuesday and Friday (Day) 9 am — 5pm
Upper Kamukunji and Kampi Teso Monday (Day & Night)) 9am — 9am

Upper Maili Nne

Upper Kapyemit primary Wednesday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Thursday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Opp. Kapyemit health Center Thursday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Friday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Legacy Hotel Area, Mountain View & Kampi    Mwangi Monday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Kapchumba Tuesday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Kampi Thomas Wednesday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Kapkoros Wednesday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Saturday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Kamukunji Tuesday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Thursday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Friday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Upper Hill Thursday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Saturday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Mwanzo Sunday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Monday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Wednesday Night   5pm — 9am
Thursday Day   9am — 5pm
Kampi Karatasi Wednesday Night   5pm — 9am
Saturday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Pionneer and Kipkarren Every Day except Tuesday (Night) & Wednesday (Day) 9am — 9am
Kipkenyo, Muiruti, Yamumbi & Raiply Staff Quarters Monday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Tuesday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Thursday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Friday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Tai Hostels, Lemook, , Kapkenduiywo, Yamumbi,  Lower Langas and Hill school Sunday  Day 9am — 5pm
Tuesday Night 5pm — 9am
Wednesday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Friday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Oletepes, Pastrol Center, High Rise, Unity Homes, King Square and Kericho Ndogo Tuesday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Thursday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Chinese,and Jumbo Every Day throughout except Tuesday and Thursday. 9am— 5pm
Lower Elgon View Tuesday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Wednesday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Friday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Sunday (Day) 9am — 5pm
Saroyot, Lower Annex, Sugunanga, Blossom, Greenvale, Upper Elgon View Every Day 9am — 9am
Tuesday & Thursday (Night) 5pm — 9am
Upper Annex, Choma Zone, Kapsich, Bible College, Bethel, Jamboni Every Day throughout except Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 9am — 9am
Hillside Estate Friday to Monday 5pm — 8am
Wednesday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Kenmosa Monday and Tuesday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Thursday to Friday 9am — 5pm
Kapsoya Estate, Moi Girls, Dola, Prisons, Hazina Every Day & Night 12 pm — 6am
Corner Kubwa, St Maiys,Kofi Annan and Illula Friday (Night) 5pm — l2am
Saturday (Day & Night) 12am – 9 am
Sunday (Day & Night) 9am – 12am
Sogomo Monday (Day & Night) 9am — 9am
Wings Drive Area and Cattle Dip Tuesday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Kuinet Wednesday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Thursday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Friday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Kimumu Secondary, Peris Road, Mfalme Monday to Friday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Munyaka, Muthirithia, Bahati and Action Monday to Friday (Day and Night) 9am — 9am
Greenfield, Growel, Kiplombe Monday to Friday (Day and Night)  
Upper Kipkorgot Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am — 5pm
Community Offtakes along Chebara Pipeline (Konaylil, Progressive, Karuna Kapsubere, Sergoit, Kipsinende Chemarmar, Tugen Estate, Sergoit) Wednesday to Friday


9am Wed to 4pm Friday