Laboratory Tests

The water quality assurance section (WQAS) falls under the technical department. It has a key obligation to monitor all (ELDOWAS) water production processes up to the final consumer to ensure that the quality of water supplied to our customers conforms to the National standards for drinking water quality.

The section also monitors the effluent of all (ELDOWAS) waste water treatment plants to ensure that they comply with the National discharge standards, hence ensuring environmental protection. The standards used to assess water quality relate to human health & safety during contact and for drinking purposes. Additionally, Furthermore, the WQAS on behalf of ELDOWAS implements projects focusing on pollution control and catchment management.

The department also offers water quality testing services to external customers through its water testing Laboratory located within the company’s head office, where various water and waste water quality tests are done.

  1. Ensure compliance of water supplied and sewage effluents discharged to the National Standards.
  2. Water and wastewater Process control and improvement
  3. Well equipped and operational laboratories
  4. Provide Laboratory services for external clients
  5. Ensure compliance of bulk water treatment chemicals supplied to required specifications
  6. Water and waste water quality monitoring.
  7. Establishment and implementation of water safety plan
Other Services Offered
  1. Professional advice on waste water disposal
  2. Determination of chemical composition and verification of the quality of water treatment chemicals
  3. Water and wastewater treatment process control
  4. Monitoring quality of surface and ground water
  5. Training and public awareness programs in water, sanitation, public health and environmental management.
  6. Collaborative research and individual research. We provide lab space and technical expertise and also collaborate with other laboratories and research institutions including: universities ,colleges, research institutions, non governmental institutions etc
  7. Training researchers and interns on different analytical methods and equipment use.