As our customer, you may request for your bill to be sent to you via SMS. Send the word ELDOWAS with your water account number (with a space between ELDOWAS and account number) to 25404. Example; ELDOWAS 30XXXXX or ELDOWAS 31XXXXX

  1. Go to M-Pesa Menu on your phone
  2. Select Pay Bill Option.
  3. Enter the business number of ELDOWAS; 511000.
  4. Enter your water account number e.g 31XXXXX or 30XXXXX.
  5. Enter the amount you are paying e.g 500.
  6. Enter your M-Pesa PIN e.g 1234
  7. Press OK

You will receive a confirmation message with the Transaction code and amount

You will receive a confirmation message from ELDOWAS confirmation payment and crediting of your account with outstanding balance after payment.

ELDOWAS is mandated to provide water services efficiently and economically in Eldoret town and its environs in compliance with Service Provision Agreement (SPA), as required by the Water Act 2002.

You can visit our Customer Service Centres at our Head Office Room 23; Eastern Area Office located in Action; Western area office located at SGA Security building opposite Muchai Estate; Southern Area Office located at Reformed church opposite Hill School and Kesses Office. One can also access more information through our website; www.eldowas.or.ke

All water connections MUST be applied for by the Land Lord/property owner. You will need to contact Eldoret Water & Sanitation customer care offices near you for more information.

It takes a maximum of four (4) working days to complete the process.

During the water treatment process contaminants are removed from untreated water to produce drinking water that is pure enough for the most critical of its intended uses, usually for human consumption. ELDOWAS ensures that water quality not only relates to the treatment of water, but to its distribution after treatment. All this is in compliance with Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

The company no longer receives cash payments. You can pay for the services through the following pay-points; M-Pesa Paybill No. 511000;

Standard Chartered Bank A/C No. 0152017704300;

Equity Bank- A/C No. 0300294625495;

KCB-A/C No.118128184 and

Co-op Bank A/C No. 01148685815500

Immediately you receive your bill, check on your consumption. If your consumption indicates zero (0), then your meter has not been read. Confirm immediately from the meter what the current reading is and forward the reading to the customer care centre for re-bill.

Yes. Customers are encouraged to read their meters especially as soon as they receive their current bill to enable them track their consumptions. However, denying authorized staff access to read the meter is illegal.

ELDOWAS besides delivering sending SMS Bill and E-bill every month, has a customer dedicated lines 072455538 or toll free 0800 211 155 one can call to inquire on any of our services. You can also download ELDOWAS App at Google Play Stores and provides the details required to be able to access not only balance but also account Statement.

Pay a visit to any of our customer service centres and the customer care staff will assist you lodge in your complaint. Thereafter you will receive a reference number for ease of follow up.

The company has put in place a monitoring unit to check on illegal connections. Anyone found using water illegally will be prosecuted. The company also encourages its customers to report any suspected illegal connections. ELDOWAS promises to protect the reporters’ anonymity.

In the event that the service has been removed, you will have to show proof of payment by making full payment of the outstanding balance and a reconnection fee of KES 1,000.00, before the service is restored.

Reconnection of services can take up to 48 hours. Proof of payment received before 2.pm will ensure same-day processing. Otherwise it will take place the following day.

No. According to the Water Act 2002, it is a criminal offense to reconnect your own water.

The cost and price depend on the meter readings. The rates applied are set by the regulator and consumers are only billed what they have consumed.

As per the current approved water tariff, the charges are as follows; Water KES 210.00, Sewer KES 157.50, Meter rent KES 50.00 and cleansing KES 40.00. These charges are payable to any active account and are subject to change.

Immediately report to the company and the meter will be serviced or replaced free of charge. However, one will be required to pay for a new meter if found to have willfully damaged or tampered with it.

It takes one billing cycle which is 20 working days.

No. The company staff will read the meter on a monthly basis free of charge. However if a customer feels the bill is too high even though the meter reading is correct, one can pay a meter testing fee of KES 500.00.

Yes. The service is available to residents of Eldoret and its environs. One needs to make a formal request which will be acknowledged after paying for the service. The water will be delivered within 48 Hrs.

As the saying goes, “Water is life.” Do not leave the taps dripping or running. Fix leaks immediately and replace a leaking tap/meter. Re-use water instead of pouring it down the drain. Install a simple rain water harvesting system to harvest water during the rainy season.

ELDOWAS has installed a 24/7 customer care line 0724255538 to enable our customers reach us. However, one can also pay us a visit at our customer care centres or write or email us at info@eldowas.or.ke

Customers are encouraged to immediately call our customer service centre on 0724255538 or report to any of our ELDOWAS customer Service Centres near you. Our technical team will attend to the issue within 24 hrs. One can also deliver a water sample to our Quality Assurance section located at the head office for testing

The company has put in place an Integrity and Anti-corruption unit to spearhead awareness, prevention, and detection of corruption activities among its staff. To fight corruption, customers are encouraged to report to the Managing Director any employee demanding for a bribe on 053-2061915.

Physical Address: Kampi Somali Rd, off Oloo Street

Box: 8418-30100 ELDORET,Kenya

Phone: 053-2061915, 2063403, Fax: 053-2063556

Mobile: +254 735982225, +254 072455538

Website: www.eldowas.or.ke


Twitter: @eldowasco

Facebook: Eldowas Page

Or contact

Our Customer Care Offices located at;

Eastern Office – Opposite Waiganjo street Next to Robu Cleaning Offices

Western Office – SGA building Opposite Muchai Estate

Southern Office – opposite Hill School

Kesses Office – Kesses