Sewerage Services

Sewerage Services
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ELDOWAS strives to provide reliable and efficient services of collecting, treating and disposing wastewater and ensuring that all issues related to the sewerage system are dealt with promptly.

Every day thousands of liters of water is released from the water supply system to people’s homes. One-third of the water is used outdoors while the rest is used indoors – for washing, cleaning, cooking and flushing the toilets. But where does all this water go once it disappears down the drains?

Eldoret Water and Sanitation Co. Ltd is responsible for the waste-water collection, treatment and safe disposal in Eldoret Town and its environs. The company operates two state of the art sewerage treatment plants located in Huruma and Kipkanyo in the western part of the town.  

Final effluent from our sewage treatment plants comply with the requirements of the  National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)  

We are also continually investing in the expansion of the sewerage services to other parts of the town which are yet to receive the service.


Getting connected to sewer system  

ELDOWAS  is responsible for the provision of the services associated with all aspects of development including first time service appraisal and connection to the sewer network. 

Sewer application form can downloaded here